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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On needing to get serious

To date, I've been trying to do everything flying by the seat of my pants. It tends to be a bit haphazard and disorganized. Nothing much is standardized and so there is a bit of variation in how I do things and the final results. What this means is that to actually be somewhat efficient I need to change my scatterbrained process. I generally work by eye and sometimes my eyes lie to me and cause all sorts of problems. To try and remedy at least a small part of this I went to Front Panel Express and had them make me some aluminum templates to work from with and eye to consistency. It's just for making the baffles, and now I will be able to get things the right size more often and have all the screw holes in the correct place. It cost a bit of cash, though I think it will really help and speed up my process and I'll be less prone to stupid errors which can be hard to correct.

I also need to track down some small steel #4 countersunk wood screws. All I can find locally are brass ones and they snap way too easy. At the moment I'm using #6 and they're a bit on the large side for where they go. They shouldn't be too difficult to find online and it's just another one of the millions of things I need to do. These will be especially useful on the headphone kits so people don't split the cups open if they get too enthusiastic with the screwdriver.

One thing I've been considering lately is an economy line of thunderpants phones. Priced to sit between the finished kit and the full premium thunderpants. These would be made with standard domestic woods and a satin lacquer finish that is quick and relatively easy. It's the exotics with mirror finish that kill me. It's a hard thing to get perfect and takes a long time to do. I figure that an economy line would be quicker to make and more affordable so a wider range of people would have access to them. I'm going to make a few sets and see how people react. I think the feedback will let me know if it makes sense to proceed or not.

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